Bget 4.7

Bget is the most professional web data extraction software. It can extract data from any type of websites through flexible rules, what you can see through the browser is what you can get.

Bget 4.7

What is the features of Bget?

A. Flexible: support the website login extraction, span-layer extraction, POST extraction, scripts page extraction, dynamic page extraction, etc. you can extract anything that you can see through the browser.
B. Extendable: support the call of stored procedure, the call of plug-in, you can extend its functions through secondary development.
C. Efficient: designed elaborately, saves your time and energy to do others.
D. Fast: the fastest and the most efficient web data extraction software.
E. Stable : occupy less system resource, require 0 bug, stable running performance
F. Humanized: we always pay attention to particulars, bring much more humanized experience to you.


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